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morning explorations

28 november 2022 @ 11:00 - 2 december 2022 @ 13:30

Morning Explorations 5Rhythms Arjan Bouw
Morning Explorations.
A exploration of the self through movement in 5 Rhythms, 5 mornings, 5 themes.
The body has a a landscape of different structures. We are skin and bones, muscles and fascia, nerves and bloodstreams. In these mornings we will explore these different systems to grow our awareness of ourselves  and to develop new ways of moving.
Monday Flow
weight: arriving and sinking in self,  gravity and fluidity  
We may just need to commit the time to noticing mindfully the movement already happening in our bodies. Our bodies, even in relative stillness, are always moving. The fluids of our bodies each have their own rhythm and are pulsing with various frequencies and paces. Allowing our body to surrender to gravity makes room for a fluid continuum of movement. From this continuum possibilities of movement enlarge and the quality of movement becomes more effortless. Gravity also helps us to arrive in the moment, which is not static but a ever flowing river of time.
Tuesday Staccato
muscles: vulnerability and strength, expand and contract
Pushing, pulling, grasping and reaching out are movements very much supported by our muscles and are closely connected to our desire, to what we want or don’t want. It is through our bodies that we notice our desire. And it through our bodies to communicate that clearly. There is strength in feeling and expressing our will power. On the same it connects us to our vulnerability as well. We show up with our hearts, we become visible.
Wednesday Chaos
bones: surrender with dignity, shake and centre 
Gabrielle Roth (the founder of the 5Rhythms) calls the skeleton the cathedral of bones. It is in this cathedral we live our precious lives. She also states that in the dance there is no room for dogma. No place for to many ideas of right or wrong. So this cathedral is a holy ground for a religion without restrictions. It is rock and roll practice to develop our awarness. That doesn’t mean that anything goes. There are boundaries. There is a structure: your cathedral of bones. The dance of chaos invites you to inhabit this cathedral and shake it on the same time. How much can you let go and stay centered? How much can you loose control and stay present? 
Thursday Lyrical
energy: being an open vessel, shifting shapes
“In Lyrical, we realize we have the freedom to keep shifting energies so as never to get stuck in any one possibility and to know that all possibilities are available to us at all times. Indeed Lyrical is the rhythm of the soul and the soul is a shapeshifter by nature.”
Gabrielle Roth
When we are grounded, fluid and free, energy moves through us. Energy as being emotions, as being creativity, energy as being different characters we play in our lives.
Friday Stillness
breath: dance as a meditation with
We are an open system constantly engaging with our surroundings. The state of our inner landscape is influenced by the outside world. Breath is an anchor in this ever changing moment in this ever changing body.
“When we inhale, the air comes into the inner world. When we exhale, the air goes out to the outer world. . . . When your mind is pure and calm enough to follow this movement, there is nothing; no “I,” no world, no mind nor body; just a swinging door.”
Shunryu Suzuki, in Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind
Espai Philae
Calle Zaragoza, 116, 08006, Barcelona
November 28 – December 2
Monday 11:15 – 13:45
Tuesday 11:00 – 13:30
Wednesday 11:00 – 13:30
Thursday 12:15 – 14:45
Friday 11:00 – 13:30
Whole series 125€
One session 30€
Espai Philae


28 november 2022 @ 11:00
2 december 2022 @ 13:30
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Espai Philae
+34 645 645 270
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Espai Philae
Calle Zaragoza, 116
Barcelona, Catalonie 08006 Spanje
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