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Libido Fundamentals Turkey

21 October 2022 @ 19:00 - 25 October 2022 @ 13:00

Libido Fundamentals

We are all sexual beings, from the cradle to the grave. From birth to death it is an essential part of our being, of our life force, our identity, our humanity. In every phase of our lives we experience that sexuality in the way we can at that given moment. That can be mysterious, mellow, luscious, filled with curiosity, horny, full of desire, platonic, poetic, still and mediative. Even in one single dance we may feel juicy, radiant and desirable while at other times we battle feeling awkward or shy. 

The way we experience it in different ages is different, what stays the same is that our nerves system has to be relaxed in order to be open for sexuality.

And this willingness for sexuality has a lot to do with feeling safe, with being in the window of presence. If we feel that basic readiness for sexuality, we can surrender, let go of control, dare to get out of your head and sink into our body experience. And we can allow the other and ourself to feel and enjoy.

The polyvagal theory helps us picture our nervous system response in three parts. If we are in life-threatening danger, our sympathetic nervous system sends us into fight/flight. We won’t be interested in mating until we are back to a place of safety. We turn off our sexual interest in the hopes that all focus on survival will help us indeed survive.

In life-threatening danger, if there is no way to fight our way to safety and no where to flee, we shut-down. According to polyvagal theory, when we feel safe we are in the window of presence, it is there that we can relate, connect, learn, play and enjoy our sexuality. 

With a better understanding of our nervous system biology we can seek the state of being that allows us to ride joyously through our sexual cycle over and over again. Because the sexual energy is so often unconsciously acted out or ignored, the exploration of this territory tends to be intense, intimate, liberating and empowering.

Libido Fundamentals investigates this complex and creative mystery by using movement to ground, build and explore our sexual energy. We embrace a wider definition of Libido as life force, birth place of creativity, vitality, presence and aliveness.

All genders and sexual orientations are welcome. Welcome solo or in relationship. Nudity is not part of this workshop. Some prior experience of Open Floor or other conscious dance practice is required. 

Open Floor is an inquiry, resource and body based movement practice, meditation and exploration for cultivating embodiment, presence, emotional intelligence, and mindful awareness.

Sundance camp, Antalya, Turkey
We will spend 5 days and 4 nights in a very special eco camp

First 10 places – €200
Next 15 places – €240
Final 15 places – €270
*accommodation & food not included.
Accommodation costs vary from €20 (tents) to €40 (standard bungalow) per night and include breakfast and dinner. Lunch is available at extra cost of 3 euro.

Masha Kozlovskaya
WhatsApp +79166733612

*Workshop in english with Russian translation


21 October 2022 @ 19:00
25 October 2022 @ 13:00
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