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cosmos connection

May 17 @ 19:00 - May 20 @ 13:00

cosmos connection 5Rhythms workshop with Arjan Bouw in France
The stars whisper secrets to our souls. Some say they guide our destinies, weaving threads of connection through the night sky. We are not separate from this celestial choreography. We are intertwined with the cosmos, a part of the vast cosmic dance that shapes our lives.
The outer cosmos is a reflection of the inner. Each of us holds a universe within, a complex and intricate dance of emotions, thoughts, and experiences. In this workshop, we will explore this intimate connection between our inner and outer worlds.
We will dance with the rhythms of Earth, embodying the grounding power of our planet. Like the sun we will embody how it is to be and to give light. We will sway with the moon, connecting with the deep, emotional waters within us. We will reach out to the stars, finding inspiration and guidance from their luminous presence.
As we begin and end this cosmic journey, we will remember that it is the space in between – the emptiness that holds us all – where the true magic lies. Let us dance, explore, and embrace the cosmic connection that binds us to the universe and to each other. May the rhythms of the cosmos flow through us, revealing the profound beauty of our existence.
Let the dance begin.

Near Limoges

Start Friday May 17 19:00
End Monday May 20 13:00

Friday night only €25 Open class
Workshop 200€

Clélia Carrot


May 17 @ 19:00
May 20 @ 13:00
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