conscious dance movement practice & therapy
Arjan Bouw

New on the Dancefloor

What can you expect on a conscious dance floor?

Wear clothes in which you can move easily, possibly different layers so you can adjust. Most people dance on bare feet/socks, dance shoes are also welcome. 

I always start 10 minutes earlier than indicated.

In the beginning I play quiet music so you can land in your body. You can dance, stretch, lie or sit. We don’t talk on the dance floor so we can all drop down  in our body with our attention.

After about half an hour of dancing, I call everyone together and explain something about the evening, often I give a theme for the evening to dance with.

Then we dance, to music, with sometimes exercises, sometimes dancing alone and sometimes with a partner.

The invitation is always to feel your own dance.  No one dances like you, you are good as you are. However, you can inspire each other to move in a different way.

Dancing is nice and fun. It is good for your physical health. You move your attention from your head to your body. As soon as your body moves, your emotions will also move. They are also welcome to the dance floor. 

All dancers are responsible for their own physical and emotional boundaries.  You will learn to listen to your own energy and respect it.

If you prefer to dance alone, you can make that clear and that is respected. Everyone has their own dance to follow, together we form a rich variation.

The group consists of a changing people who come every week, people who come sometimes and who come for the first time. Everyone has their own rhythm.

If you’re new, it might be exciting. It can be uncomfortable, know you are very welcome. Sometimes it takes a few lessons before you can sink into your body and let you carry on with the music. And remember: You can’t do it wrong, there’s only your dance to follow.