conscious dance movement practice & therapy

Do you love dancing and do you want bring movement in your life?
5Rhythms and Open Floor dance with Arjan Bouw offer you a great possibility.

Arjan Bouw
picture by Ron Eijkelhof

The dance is:


You are born in this body and in this body you experience your life.
Your body is a beautiful container for sensory experiences, feelings and thoughts.
In the dance you learn to be present with everything:
with love, connection, loss, creation and growth.
When you learn to embody life your presence becomes fluid, you step into the ‘flow’.

“When we put the psyche into motion it will heal itself” Gabrielle Roth


Dance alone, dance together.  You are always in relationship with someone or something.

In the dance you move in connection with something in yourself, with someone else, with the world around you or with the collective consciousness.


Dance your habits and patterns until you know them so well so you can change them.

Dance often, or dance a little, once a month, once a week, once a day.
Or make the dance your daily meditation, what moves me today?


Everything dances. Put all your thoughts and feelings into movement, until you can eventually experience silence.

The silence from which we can witness the dance of life.

Dance your life.

For everyone

Everyone is welcome, all ages, stiff and flexible, experienced and inexperienced.

You are welcome as a nervous beginner, as experienced routenier.
Willingness to move is the basic attitude. You are welcome with your sadness and anger, your joy, whatever you feel, the invitation is to set everything in your life in motion and let it shape your dance.
Accepting what is in your life is already a big step in transformation.