conscious dance movement practice & therapy


Heartbeat in Servie

bright abyss

Espai Philae Calle Zaragoza, 116, Barcelona, Catalonie, Spanje

A 5Rhythms workshop in Barcelona


Light & Shadow

Sala StarDance Carrer de Gustave Eiffel 9, Paterna, Valencia, Spain

5Rhythms in Valencia, Spain


The Ego Show

MFC Klarendal Kazerneplein 2, Arnhem

5Rhythms in Arnhem, the Netherlands


The Ego Show

The Ego Show A 5Rhythms dance and ritual theater workshop with healing potential. Our ego characters are parts of us that tend to run the show. They once came on stage to protect us. We grow older and don’t need them so much any more, still, they keep finding their ways to appear. As we […]

Being Human

Espai Cosmos Calle Pere IV 78, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spanje

5Rhythms in Barcelona, Spanje


The Ego Show

font allorso Caffarelli Borselli 56, Pelago, Florence, Italië

A 5Rhythms dance and ritual theater workshop in Toscany, Italy


Wild & Tender

Groepskampeerterrein Oerdijk 123, Okkenbroek, Nederland

5Rhythms dance camp Okkenbroek, the Netherlands